Welcome to a Post GoDaddy world

For many years, we have been GoDaddy customers. We bought domain names and hosted several sites with them. But no more.

A few months back, we decided we had had enough of GoDaddy’s sexist, misogynistic advertisements. We also didn’t like their support of some broadcasters we not only don’t agree with, but who we think are spreading fear for their own gain. Since our money was going to support the ads and the shows, we decided we had had enough. We are old enough to be able to get domain names and hosting services for other groups, even if it costs a bit more. It wasn’t much more money, but turns out to be harder to move domains than I would like to admit.

namedotcom logo

namedotcom logo

If it were just the domain name, it would be no big deal and we’d encourage you to make the switch right away. We decided on Name.com (twitter’s @namedotcom) which is a very simple domain name provider and DNS host with terrific service. I had some questions both before using them and after signing up. No question took longer than 20 minutes for an answer. Twenty min! Great service.

Now, hosting turned out to be a much tougher issue. Had it been only one domain hosted there, then it



would have been a matter of minutes to move over to our new service at WebFaction (twitter’s @WebFaction). Unfortunately, I had collected almost a dozen sites and links to my hosting environment over the last six years. Back in the day, I signed up for Godaddy hosting precisely because they made it easy to have multiple sites in one account without paying a fortune. These days, that is expected from most any hosting provider. Still, I had to move all the sites, their databases and other content, test them, and change their DNS records to point to the new server. Some sites were simple but others proved a bit tougher. Throughout the process, WebFaction was extremely helpful. They changed their pricing right after I signed up and I got a proactive email suggesting I review the new, lower prices as they felt I could save money by switching to a new plan. They were apologetic that I’d have to change servers which meant a bit of work, but it wasn’t much effort at all.


So, are we completely off GoDaddy? Not entirely. I’ve transitioned two domain names and the hosting, but there are six more domains to move to Name.com. Why not move them all? All the others expire some time in the future including one that expires in 2014. If we move them now, do we loose the multi-year agreement we already paid for? I don’t know…. and I don’t want to be wrong. So, we will leave the domains there until they expire. We will use the electricity we paid for and then move them over to name.com.

Now, the sharp eyed reader has already noticed that any of the links I’ve used point not just to the sites, but to the affiliate pages I have with both companies. I’m not trying to make money with affiliate links as I’m quite certain I couldn’t send enough people to cover my own costs. I just look at it like this: if you get the same great service I get and I see a few pennies (and that is all I get) for the referral, then we both win.  So, if you don’t want to give the referral, just go to their main pages rather than to my links. Either way, I sure hope they treat you as well as they treated us.

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  1. mike says:

    an update: In addition to the reasons above, it seems GoDaddy’s founder likes to hunt elephants. (which links back to the Washington Post’s “GoDaddy.com CEO faces backlash for elephant shooting”)

    Bob, it isn’t an elephant problem. It’s a human problem. Starving farmers can move. I’d be questioning how long the farmers were there. I’d be willing to bet “their” fields haven’t been there as long as the elephants.

    Since elephants are endangered and since we like elephants, Katie and I decided to move our remaining domains off of GoDaddy’s systems even if it did cost us some money.

    Bob, quit killing elephants with your customers’ money and then bragging about it. Shame on you!

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