Dollar Shave Club

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged, but I’m feeling the need today. Is there big news? Not really. Did something important happen? No. Was there an Earth-shaking new product released? Perhaps. Well, not a new product really, but a great new service. The Dollar Shave Club. It’s a simple idea: send four quality razors every month so you can shave with a new blade every week and do it for very little money. I heard about this on TV and immediately thought “this has to be a scam.” But given the price, I thought “what the heck. I’ll try it.”

razor, handle, and for blades all on the bag they arrived on

I was really surprised when I looked them up on the internet and watched their YouTube video. They are a funny team! They take a light-hearted approach to a simple concept, so I was hooked immediately!

The formula is simple and includes three plans:

  • Four, two-bladed razors a month for $1 + Shipping
  • Four, four-bladed razors a month for $6 including shipping
  • Four, six-bladed razors a month for $9 including shipping

Each plan includes a handle in the first month and I assumed it would be really cheep, but I was surprised  how solid mine was when it arrived. Good grip and heft. I like it better than the Mach 3 handle I’ve used for some time.

Not sure what blade or plan you want? Don’t worry! Feel free to step up or down to another plan any time and your next shipment will have what you want… and will have a new handle for that new blade size. Don’t like the service any more? Just cancel anytime.

Yes, I plan to do a followup in a month or so, but my initial impression is extremely positive. True, I signed up some time ago and it took about six weeks to get me my first shipment. It seems I wasn’t the only one who saw them on TV and they weren’t ready for the influx of business. Within days of signing up, I got a great apology letter telling me of the delay and estimating a mid-May delivery. Sure enough, the envelope arrived right on time.

Interested in trying it yourself? If you use this link, I get a free month, so I’d sure be appreciative if you use this to join. Then, come back here to share your experience!


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