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Thanks JAMF

This week I had the honor of being one of two official photographers at JAMF’s National User Conference (#JNUC). My day job at JAMF is to manage some of our talented Systems Engineers but for some reason, the company let … Read the rest of this entry

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On the Importance of Writing for the Recipient

Very important to always write in a way that the recipient gets your point. The importance of Being Heard      

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I’ve been Jib Jabbed!

Happy Father’s Day! Personalize funny videos and birthday eCards at JibJab!

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Welcome to a Post GoDaddy world

For many years, we have been GoDaddy customers. We bought domain names and hosted several sites with them. But no more. A few months back, we decided we had had enough of GoDaddy’s sexist,¬†misogynistic advertisements. We also didn’t like their … Read the rest of this entry

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