Happy Birthday Chris!

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Today would have been my brother’s 46th birthday if we hadn’t lost him earlier this year. Sad for sure so I wanted to share one of my earliest memories and hopefully bring a smile. This may not be much of … Read the rest of this entry

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Thanks JAMF

This week I had the honor of being one of two official photographers at JAMF’s National User Conference (#JNUC). My day job at JAMF is to manage some of our talented Systems Engineers but for some reason, the company let … Read the rest of this entry

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Farewell my Brother

Yesterday was a tough day… We lost my brother Chris.
At only 45, he was far too young and had much yet to contribute. Rather than be angry about what won’t happen in the future, I’ll be thinking of the good he brought while he was here. 
Primarily, I’m thinking of his two boys. Well, I should really say: his two young men. I can see Chris in them both: Fun. Hard working. dedicated. Hi older son is at college not far away. I’m sure he’s staying strong for his younger brother. Like Chris, he shows strengths in a way that benefits others more than himself. These young men are rightfully sad but I already see their parent’s strength in them and that tells me they will thrive and again be happy.
When I think of Chris, I see someone dedicated to others who made friends equally dedicated to him. One of his long time friends and I talked not long and they were distraught at Chris’ illness and the likely outcome. Yet when they recently visited Chris, it was smiles all around. Friends to the end.
I’m so grateful I got to visit him less than two weeks ago. So obviously sick. So obviously surrounded by those who loved him. I’m also glad our brother Jeff got to see him and spend time with him this week. Gratitude doesn’t express how thankful I am for my brother John and all the time he spent with Chris.
It’s my step-father John who I think of now. No parent should have to go through this sort of sadness. Yet he was there at Chris’ side every day. I think of him every day and wish I were closer to support him as he grieves. 
Yesterday would have been grandma’s 103rd birthday. I like to think that Chris’ sudden departure yesterday was simply him rushing to join her birthday party… or perhaps he smelled her cookies! Regardless, he is again with her and his mother.
I wasn’t related to Chris my blood, yet he was my brother and I’m so grateful to have known him for almost 40 years. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see him every day, but I know that’s exactly how often I’ll miss him.
Farewell Chris. Save me some of grandma’s cookies.
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Service with a bit of Baggage

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After so many years of working for Apple and particularly after the last two years when I was working with the Apple Retail stores, I’ve become a service snob. I’m quick to judge, easy to annoy, and hard to impress. … Read the rest of this entry

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trees well let for the holidays

Describing Morton Arboretum’s Illumination as a light display is like calling the Mall on Washington a backyard lawn. It just doesn’t compare and doesn’t do it justice. Illumination is a pleasant, nighttime walk through a mile of artistic themes cast with … Read the rest of this entry

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