Family Scotch, Rye, Bourbon, Whiskey & Seasonal Liqueur Tasting

Not long ago, Katie and I went to a bourbon tasting at Adelle’s and we had a really good time.

glass of bourbon shining in the sun

a classic bourbon…

Interestingly enough, some of our family had some really specific questions about what we tasted, so I decided we should do our own tasting when people were in for thanksgiving. So, I went to my liquor cabinet and pulled out all of out scotch, rye, bourbon, whiskey, and whiskey liquors. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised how many I had tucked away… but I was. Wow.. Do I really have fourteen bottles? I really need to finish some of them!

I figure we will use the same format as the professional used… a bunch of tiny tastes with plenty of time for description and comparing notes. Will we hit all fourteen? No way. Some will only do scotch. Others will go for the sweet stuff. Some have to drive after all!

To help with this, I created the list below as tasting notes for everyone. A couple are my descriptions from the Adelle’s tasting, but most are from Binny’s and a few from the distillers themselves. Regardless, don’t quote me on much of what follows since it isn’t my work. If, however, you want to buy any of this, I made a wish list on Binny’s website with all but two of our tasting… Somehow Jeremiah Weed isn’t available in their stores! They mustn’t like pilots 😉

Give a look and share your comments!


Rye & Bourbon

Michter’s US*1 Single Barrel Rye – 84 Proof – $39.99 750ml – “Buttery smell. Very good rye flavor having been made from 70% rye. This comes from the oldest continuously distilled spirit starting in 1753. It’s predecessor was served by George Washington to his troops when distilled in Virginia. Now in KY. Katie thinks she may have snitched this from her father… so we bought a bottle” – Miley’s notes –

Elijah Craig 12 Year Old Bourbon – 94 Proof – $29.99 750ml – Katie’s Favorite! According to the distiller: “Nose: About as complete a Bourbon aroma as you are likely to find…Near miraculous: one of the most beautiful noses found anywhere in the world today. Taste: A bourbon to keep in the mouth forever…Comments: Perhaps one of my favorite five or six bourbons and … perhaps at its best just before bed. Brilliant.” – Jim Murray, Classic Bourbon, Tennessee, & Rye Whiskey – http://

Woodford Reserve Bourbon – 90 Proof – $35.99 750ml – “Deep amber color. Spicy charred oak, sweet toffee, and pepper aromas. A rich entry leads to a dryish medium-to full-bodied palate with toffee, mocha, and white pepper flavors with a pronounced copper tang. Finishes with a sweet, charred barrel, brown, and metallic fade. An aggressive and spicy bourbon that will work nicely in a bourbon peach tea cocktail.” Beverage Testing Institute –

Benjamin Prichard’s Double Barreled Bourbon – 90 Proof – $69.99 750ml – Mike’s Favorite. “Very good start. Sweet but not sugary like so many others. Much more like a traditional bourbon. We opted to buy a bottle and were told: “If you like this, look for their Double Chocolate Bourbon.” – Miley’s notes – http://

Everyday Whiskey & Bourbon

Jeremiah Weed Blended Bourbon – 90 Proof – $16.99 750ml – Liquor Review Notes: “Jeremiah Weed Blended Bourbon is a traditional bourbon whiskey–meaning it’s a grain whiskey composed of at least 50% corn mash. This whiskey should not be confused with the 100 proof bourbon liqueur.” – http://

Jack Daniel’s Old No 7 Tennessee Whiskey – 80 Proof – $19.99 750ml – “Deep gold, with an amber cast. Medium bodied. Reminiscent of peach, apricot, almonds. Soft, smooth texture. Slightly round and lush on the palate. Pleasantly fruity, with engaging notes of nutty spice. Lively, persistent finish.” – Binny’s Review –

Jim Beam Bourbon – 80 Proof – $14.99 750ml – “A lovely, sophisticated bourbon bouquet comprising fruity, cornmeal aromas which are followed by a red fruit scent, all underpinned by an oaky vanilla quality. Entry is reserved, gently sweet and toffee-like; the midpalate features succulent tastes of light caramel, honeywheat bread, caramel corn and toasted almond. Concludes fruity and corny. The best value American whiskey in the marketplace.” Best Buy. 85-89 pts.” The Wine Enthusiast –

Jeremiah Weed Bourbon Liqueur – 100 Proof – $13.99 750ml – Miley’s Suggestion: “Serve cold and hold your nose” – Liquor Review Notes: “This is a high-proof liqueur made with a bourbon base. It is said to be popular among cowboys and United States Air Force pilots” – and


Dewars 12 Year Old Blended Scotch – 80 Proof – $24.99 750ml – “Gold-amber color. Toffee, fruit, and a wisp of smoke underpin floral aromas. On the palate, flavors are nicely balanced and harmoniously interwoven. Gently, sweet toffee notes up front gradually yield to drier notes on the finish, with soft, delicate fruit flavors throughout.” – Binny’s Malt Advocate –

Johnnie Walker Double Black – 80 Proof – $39.99 750ml – Tasting Note by The Chaps at Master of Malt ( ): Nose: Slightly smoky and almost medicinal on the nose, it offers up hints of vanilla, a little tar, a touch of barbecue sauce, citrus and malt. Palate: Good body and very creamy with a sublimely malty core. It offers up a surprising level of peat smoke which works really well. Creamy sweetness, hints of soft wood smoke, salty butter, custard and cereal grains. Finish: Good length with notes of malt, boiled sweets, black pepper and cool smoke. –

Sweet & Seasonal

Southern Comfort – 70 Proof – $16.99 750ml – “First aromas make me think peaches and blood oranges; later sniffings detect cotton candy and fabric. The gently fruity entry taste pleases the taste buds; at midpalate the peach component becomes more apparent as the orange element recedes. Finishes herbal, slightly honeyed, and more bittersweet than flat out sweet. Best Buy.” 85-89 pts. – The Wine Enthusiast –

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey – 70 Proof – $19.99 750ml – According to the distiller: a blend of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey and a unique honey liqueur of our own making, for a taste that’s one-of-a-kind and unmistakably Jack. With hints of honey and a finish that’s naturally smooth, Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey is something special. –

Evan Williams Apple Orchard Seasonal Liqueur – 34 Proof – $10.99 750ml – According to the distiller: Cinnamon, ripe fruit, & cotton candy. Warmed: Apples & graham crackers. Sweet, soft apples with allspice.
 Warmed: Baked apples & nutmeg. Warmed: Longer with citrus & cobbler. Finishes Short, sweet, & mouth coating. –

Evan Williams Peppermint Chocolate Egg Nog – 30 Proof – $10.99 750ml – According to the distiller: Cocoa, nutmeg, mint, & Bourbon. Velvety, viscous custard with cinnamon, then chocolate peppermint patty, and soft whiskey notes. Finishes with a light with a build-up of toasty, pepperminty vanilla. Caramel and a light, spicy finish. –

a dozen bottles of liquor

this is everything I had in the liquor cabinet

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