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This week I had the honor of being one of two official photographers at JAMF’s National User Conference (#JNUC). My day job at JAMF is to manage some of our talented Systems Engineers but for some reason, the company let me pick up my camera, rent some great glass, and join the marketing team for the week.

Fletcher Previn, VP of Workplace-as-a-Service at IBM speaking at JAMF's JNUC 2015

Fletcher Previn, VP of Workplace-as-a-Service at IBM speaking at JAMF’s JNUC 2015

The JNUC offered dozens of sessions ranging from the basics of how customers use our products up to conversations exploring esoteric corners of what’s possible in the Apple ecosystem. The highlight of the event was hearing IBM’s Fletcher Previn describe how Big Blue is quickly adopting the Mac because of the cost savings. Bringing in more than 30,000 Mac laptops in less than six months is nothing short of a seismic event in the technology world. Seeing Apple’s Phil Schiller then tweet out a link to our blog post for that session brought a surreal validation of our company’s efforts to enable the Apple-IBM partnership. It’s heady times for JAMFs everywhere!

a full theater

A full house for the keynote

As for the photo project, my goal was to gather still images that captured not only the tremendous presenters on the Guthrie Theater‘s stages but also to capture the positive mood of the thousands of attendees. Since my coworker Bennett is a pro shooter, I was floored to see the company use so many of my shots in the various session recaps. His photos are so much better than mine, so I’m honored to just be included. What was inconceivable to me was seeing my photo in Phil’s tweet. It’s so unfair to Bennett who deserved the accolades this week.

All I can do is say this to Bennett: Thank you. Your work pushed me to quickly rethink my efforts and to improve as best I could over a very busy three days.

If you are curious about the sessions or just the photos they’ve published so far, have a look at JAMF’s blog

– Mike

bright stage lighting

The JAMF Nation let its hair down at the famed Varsity Theater

Note: I work for JAMF Software, but my post doesn’t reflect an official company position. These words are merely my own thoughts.

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